“Sophisticated, modern, 21st century living Maine Living……State of the art in technology,  private -sound isolated in every direction, large outdoor decks, parking, full size elevator,  positioned “on the peninsula” , on a bluff overlooking Portland’s back cove and the City.  Features are numerous and allow for an elegant and highly functional solution to urban condominium living”–MMDI                              




CONDOMINIUMS FOR SALE:  2 bedroom, 1 bedroom and studio units available

OUTDOOR LIVING W/ a Panoramic View to the west.     Ultra wide panoramic floor to ceiling glass  allows you to live outdoors in the city and encompasses a view, of the city, Back Cove,  and the woods of Maine.

Location: Dynamic growth in the East End mark this area w/ high future value..”On the peninsula”  as it’s called,  is the elevated land mass associated w/ the primary value in the Portland downtown.  Investing on this land mass at this elevation has intrinsic value and is destined to appreciate in value by nature of it’s limited size.  With many recent property sales, new housing developments in  Portland, and the continued retail and restaurant growth, Portland has a growth curve that continues to be impressive.

Covered Parking – spaces 1or 2 depending on unit

9′-8″  ft high Interior ceilings 

 Window wall for the main living rooms view to the west

Large commercial elevator to each unit  ( except to 1 bedroom unit on level 2 -single flight direct stair access to unit from street.)

Potential for Accessible Units – (optional accessibility package  to create a code compliant unit. )

Customization potential  The standard offering is presented here with the potential to change various finishes and equipment.

State of the art building envelope*    With a Passive House attention to detail, the building envelope or shell is of premium quality and designed to meet the highest expectations for energy conservation, acoustic control, security, and durability.  Benefits include :    1.) consistent temperature/ humidity -unrivaled indoor comfort.. 2.) Constant Mechanical ventilation guaranteeing clean,  fresh air; 3.) Sound isolation from the exterior  made possible by an airtight envelope and superior triple glazed door/ window products from state of the art manufacturers; Between unit sound control using advanced techniques that allow for the least interference when compared to similar condo developments.  4.) Low energy  costs – dramatic reduction in energy use and cost over standard construction.  5.)  High quality mechanical equipment produce extraordinary results that include energy efficiency, durability,  longevity and superior function.

Solar panel option/ Tesla battery   – exact solar leasing or purchase arrangement TBD. In combination with a  low energy standard like the Passvie House,  a net-zero building is viable with the addition of a solar array on the roof. ( Initial common uses for a solar power and storage system is for front sidewalk entry ice melt and electric vehicle charging.

Retail – Basement retail space – 880 ±;  Planned use to be determined.  Use to support residents.

Modern Design  –  Architect designed building creates a consistent contemporary urban design reflecting current trends in design and architecture today.    This effort primarily focuses on an expansive sense of space realized w/ a 34ft wide window wall and wide porches that front open vistas to the west,  a combined living environment for  living, dining, and kitchen areas and carefully selected high quality equipment for the kitchen,  building systems , lighting,  and controls  – which are all  efficient, state of the art,  and straightforward to use, operate, and maintain.

*Passive House Certification is pending based on a final analysis. **Customization is a pre-selling feature only and is limited based on the general design configurations offered.  Please inquire for the feasibility of any specific preference.




1  A 21st Century building – responds to contemporary lifestyles, technological advancements in building science and design,   and environmental agendas ….”21st century methods take a buyer to a higher plane of comfort and building quality by the use of high performance windows and doors,  mechanical systems  including a commercial elevator, and acoustic strategies beyond standard condo developments.”  — MMDI.
2  Outdoor living –  Useful beyond standard city decks.  Large 34ft x 9ft covered decks on units 2,3,4,5. allows a second life on a wide deck to support living and dining under a covered roof.  A  Maine lifestyle -marked by an interest to live in nature year round  is in part  fueled by an optional wood fireplace ( outdoor or indoor or both* ) . Exterior overhead solar powered radiant  heating panels.  Customized options allow to live your lifestyle in an urban setting.
3   2 car parking/ unit .  full size parking.( units 3,4,5 – 2 spaces ,  unit 2 – 1 compact space only)
4   Low energy use profile = Low energy bills  – Approaches Passive house level energy use.
5   A view to the west  Maximal views with the biggest glass area rarely seen in Portland condos.  9ft h. floor – ceiling German manufactured glass doors and view panels. A  31ft ± ” width creates an oversized glazed wall on the west elevations creates a strong connection between interior and exterior.
6   An investment  “on the peninsula”  -The city center marked by the higher elevations on the peninsula is only about 3 sq. miles.
7   Area developments create an appreciating asset – New developments on Washington and the East Side….
8   Pre-sale  Documents including writing of the Condo Association bylaws, and escrow accounts for buyers  will be managed by Drummond Woodson  – A Top Law firm in Portland, ME.  A progressive association and condo documents written to mitigate problems.  As an example:  a mediation clause allowing outside arbitration to solve any intractable conflicts.  No “out of control” condo boards found in bigger complexes.

9   Sound Isolation from neighbors   – Air tight door/ window units  reduce unwanted sound from adjacent units and the street. Sound isolating construction in the floors/ ceilings further reduces and noise transmission between units.  Acoustic materials like “MLV”- Mass loaded vinyl distinguish this property from other developments.
10   Low Maintenance – long lasting, low maintenance  exterior materials and assemblies
11   Designed for Portland Maine and the values expressed here. – Less about style  … geared to a direct focus on value to the owner.  Solid materials—durable and low maintenance, simple ,direct plan layout.    A wood expression  on the east/ west porches interior surfaces respond to indigenous materials and reflects a particularly Maine understanding and emphasis that the outside environment is as much a place to live as the inside.
12   Customization options  – beyond other projects allowing owner expression.   Customization on a pre-sale is the huge advantage a buyer has here to select/ adjust interior finishes, kitchen equipment and design ( 2 kitchen options) ,  electrical service— lighting and outlets.  Standard offerings will be on a higher end spectrum. e.g. Miele™ branded equipment – one of the highest quality equipment makers for domestic kitchens.
13   New construction    –  is far superior to old construction especially at 180 Washington. Building science is applied to make a durable building envelope.  Heat pumps for HVAC and domestic hot water.  Mechanical Ventilation ( HRV/ ERV)  for fresh air.  Continuos air/ vapor barrier to avoid heat loss and random air infiltration ( Energy analysis to be completed to determine status of energy use ) . Follows Passive house principles and will very be close to the standard if not actually exceeding it.
14  Potential additional bank value – for a green project as there is more inherent value to this building based on it’s construction and components.  This is a new  evolving development in evaluating Real estate.
15  Architect designed – interiors guarantee  intelligent organization and integration of all the parts.  Architect’s influence is beyond most other developments.  Architect and developer are united here to maximize construction efficiency, design potential, and occupant features.  No strange details or lapses in construction detailing…a consistency of execution is guaranteed.
16  Pre wired Solar roof – Solar panels w/ Tesla battery are options. Anticipated that solar at a minimum will be used for common energy uses.  Ice melt, garage, stair , elevator, operation.
17  The “Luxury” here is space   The spatial sequence from parking, to elevator, to an oversized entry hall prepares one to finally entry the main event: a  large combined living/ dining/ kitchen  room w/ wall-wall glass and a  similarly wide deck with an open vista creating  a modern context for living that focuses on the quality of space, and a connection to the Maine landscape.

18  Retail space acoustically isolated from owner condos. – Anticipated that lessor will supports owners in some very practical way.   Parking deck isolates any noise from a retail concern and the units above.
19  Ice melt cables buried in front concrete apron eliminates winter snow removal and ice.  (A good use for a solar panel w/ battery.)
20  An investment opportunity to leverage a relatively large asset with little money and no interest or taxes until purchase. Discounted units at pre-sale create the potential for immediate equity after construction.