Commercial/ Retail Space; Development Group

On the street is the residential entry to the left.   At center, a  garage entry through an automated sliding door, and to the far right is the commercial entrance. ( The 2nd egress for condo owners is within the commercial vestibule).   An “art” panel is next to the utility/ fire protection column above.  This is only a trendy idea at the moment – popular in some other condo buildings.  ( The exact opportunity for some kind of artistic expression is to be determined.  Potential owners are welcome to consider this if they’re interested.. —–It might also just be a more expressive material rather than a political statement or confusing abstraction.  )


Below is a layout of the basement retail available for sale. A ventilation shaft is part of the offering. Developer supplies raw space w/ concrete floor , rough- in for plumbing, hvac, electrical. Entry doors at basement and street can be customized by owner prior to construction phase.






The Project was initiated by MMDI / DHA  with support by other consulting groups noted below.  Although MMDI is a new entity in the development realm, it consists of  experienced professionals and serves to unify a development approach.   The  principal,  David Harmon has over 20 years experience as a licensed architect working in the residential, multifamily sector and sees the architect/ developer joint venture as a true partnership:  melding both architecture and development principles to yield integrated, high quality 21st century solutions in all facets of a project ranging from supporting a buyer’s modern lifestyle and aesthetic goals to meeting environmental concerns w/ technologies like the Passive House.


Project Partners:

Architectural Services: David Harmon Architecture, Boston, MA

Electrical Engineering: Swift Current Engineering, Yarmouth, ME

Structural Engineer: Stas Berdichevsky, Wayland, MA

Civil Engineering: Pinkham & Greer

Geotechnical Engineering: S.W. Cole, Gray, ME

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Systems Engineers, Yarmouth, ME

Passive house Standard & Building Envelope Consultant: Michael Hindle, Passive to Positive, Baltimore, MD

Surveyor: Owens & Haskell

Building Code Consultant: Sullivan Code Group,   Boston, MA

Legal work: Zoning, Real Estate Development:  Redwood Development LLC, Portland, ME

Legal  work: Real Estate Development: Drummond Woodsum, Portland, ME


MMDI / DHA – Developer., Architect. Boston, Portland  T 617 870 4548

DHAsign10 MMD


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Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.36.54 PM Redwood Development Consulting


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