Commercial/ Retail Space; Development Group


Entry for the commercial interest can be seen to the far left with an entry stair through a glass door down to the lower level.  At street level to the right of the commercial entry is a 2nd egress stair door.  Adjacent to that is a sliding garage door.  A  window display case for the commercial interest follows, and to the far right is the main entry which leads to the elevator and the primary stairway.





The Project was initiated by MMDI / DHA  with support by other consulting groups noted below.  Although MMDI is a new entity in the development realm, it consists of  experienced professionals and serves to unify a development approach.   The  principal,  David Harmon has over 20 years experience as a licensed architect working in the residential, multifamily sector and sees the architect/ developer joint venture as a true partnership:  melding both architecture and development principles to yield integrated, high quality 21st century solutions in all facets of a project ranging from supporting a buyer’s modern lifestyle and aesthetic goals to meeting environmental concerns w/ technologies like the Passive House.


Project Partners:

Architectural Services: David Harmon Architecture, Boston, MA

Electrical Engineering: Swift Current Engineering, Yarmouth, ME

Structural Engineer: Stas Berdichevsky, Wayland, MA

Civil Engineering: Pinkham & Greer

Geotechnical Engineering: S.W. Cole, Gray, ME

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Systems Engineers, Yarmouth, ME

Passive house Standard & Building Envelope Consultant: Michael Hindle, Passive to Positive, Baltimore, MD

Surveyor: Owens & Haskell

Building Code Consultant: Sullivan Code Group,   Boston, MA

Legal work: Zoning, Real Estate Development:  Redwood Development LLC, Portland, ME

Legal  work: Real Estate Development: Drummond Woodsum, Portland, ME


MMDI / DHA – Developer., Architect. Boston, Portland  T 617 870 4548

DHAsign10 MMD


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Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.36.54 PM Redwood Development Consulting


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