Condo living is an urban necessity and often presents less than ideal living conditions based on the proximity of neighbors and the street.  Sometimes that engagement is welcome but sometimes not.  The aim at 180 Washington is to allow occupants a greater level of control — to raise the bar on the status quo  by using  state of the art window and door assemblies not just at the exterior shell but also within each unit and couple that strategy w/ advanced isolation systems at each shared floor and ceiling.  The stated goal:  Physically manage cross boundary noise, odor, and air differentials to an advanced degree allowing  each occupant to maintain maximal control over their domain in relation to the environments around them.



Look at the unit plans above and see the  color coding which highlights the boundary of each space.  The graphic shows truly separate zones of living based on the use of superior, “air tight”  German engineered interior doors and exterior window groups between zones.  The benefits are numerous  but aid in allowing for adjacent simultaneous activities of sleeping or quiet work, rest, dining and living, and outside noise like traffic  etc…. to  coexist with the least interference possible.   As an example,  If someone can watch a loud movie and in an adjacent room someone sleeps soundly then a kind of pure living is possible — A  new form of “luxury” is defined for urban real estate beyond the material and spatial where a kind of psychological and personal comfort is achieved.


Sound Control– Air tight enclosures, decoupled and isolated  floor assemblies.  interstitial zones ( stairway zone ) to avoid condo adjacencies on each floor all contribute to managing unwanted sound.


Air Control–  temperature/ humidity control for each zone  with a  continuous supply of fresh air.   An air barrier between living zones and between each unit and the exterior environment prevents unwanted air from entering and,  individual in unit  ERV or energy recovery ventilators continuously supply fresh air and remove old stale air from each zone.


Odor Control– exhausted air at each bathroom and kitchen allows for a continuous air exchange especially at areas of high odor and humidity generation.


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