Living at 180

(Above, looking into the “rear window”  with 326 sf decks outside and the main living room within open to the west views glazed w/ German manufactured triple pane sliding units .  An example layout of furniture and equipment is shown.  Other layouts, equipment possible. )


As a condo developer in Maine, we think we are philosophically aligned with the practical values famously expressed here –  A kind of heightened environmental consciousness, a handcrafted do it yourself attitude, frugal, smart, sensible….We like this basic sense, but we want to add a bit more dynamism to it—-Progressive implies an interest in progress and action — actions to pursue solutions for 21st century living….We want to encourage and pursue a  desire to grapple with the issues of the day, while staying committed to Maine’s more traditional spirt.

In that vein, we respond with this building with an exterior finished with solid, recognizable, durable materials that weather beautifully and cover an overall form designed to fit in the urban fabric of Portland.  More specifically, the street front elevation has a rugged extremely durable, long lasting low maintenance paneled galvanized steel.  Beyond or in back of this front is an informal natural wood expression using a long lasting thermally treated wood product  also with a low maintenance service life.  The more domestic end of the project here fronts a residential zone at the edge of Bayside and Back Cove and it’s formed to reflect the single family houses by accentuating the unitized stacked group of individual residences with a consistent break line at story heights – seen on all sides of the structure.

Its internal construction however, is less familiar as it contains a technologically advanced  21st century systems – the  highlights of these technologies are numerated earlier articles, but most importantly it’s durable low energy thermal envelope reflecting a major advancement in building science– ideas only now beginning to be seen more routinely in the mainstream of  new construction.  A consequence of this effort, is a superior level of thermal comfort and low energy use.   These 2 features are the major differences that separate this type of structure w/  simply new “average” construction and  19th and 20th century construction both of which are fundamentally primitive on these two metrics.    It’s impossible to overstate the advantage of new construction of this type.  In an informational meeting it will be apparent that your investment here is for the future creating not only a sustainable building in a “green” sense but also a superior real estate investment.

As a place to live it also performs on a high level  as it supports a “modern Maine lifestyle” as we call it that focuses on what Maine offers in abundance:  its connection w/ nature expressed here with a large outdoor living experience ( 326 sf decks ) available for use beyond the summer months (supported by optional outdoor heating elements/ fixtures..etc.) and a vista of Maine overlooking Portland and the surrounding environs.  Fronting this exterior living is an  oversized glass wall made up of sliding glass units on the edge of a large combined living room ( A  34ft L. x21 w. x 9′-8″ high volume).  In addition to a rare spatial experience for urban condo living, we are focused also on the fundamentals of successful urban living and have provided a buyer with optimal solutions in access w/ a commercial elevator,  superior sound control  ( e.g.,  triple glazed “airtight”windows and floor and ceilings acoustically decoupled…) ,  premium security doors and hardware  and covered parking – features that are included in the base price of each unit.

We invite you (or challenge you)  to compare the types, styles, construction and overall sense of design and function  of any existing or planned condominium in Portland with what we are offering here……We think that 180 offers a superior integrated solution where the fundamentals of a great condominium in Portland, Maine are understood.  

( For a detailed understanding of the project,  Potential buyers will be able to attend informational meetings soon to be announced on the specifications and details of the constructed building as well as on the process and timeline to completion.)