PRE -SELLING : 4- WEST facing 2BD, 2 BA  UNITS/    4 EAST facing STUDIOS.

180  presents modern  living  w/  21st century high performance superior  technologies to create one of the  most progressive real estate offerings in the Portland area.

The focus is on the “luxury of space”  with big all inclusive modern living rooms centered around great views and expansive glass.  (34ft w. x 9ft h.) revealing the city to the SW and to the NW a view to the  Maine woods and beyond.

The articles that follow explain the fundamentals that make this a high value investment:  open floor plans,  great views, a superior elevator,  ample storage,  garage parking,  a solid structure,  and building systems –  heating, ventilation, wall, glass.appliances .etc. that reflect the latest technological advancements  for superior function and durability.  ( scroll up to the top right of this page to select the home / menu button to read  each successive article. )